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Type: a mod of the initramfs-tools package.
Origin: Debian
Description: modify the initramfs-tools package to minimize initramfs size and
use Busybox internal commands.

original package:
  * It prefers use the internal commands of Busybox, rather than including other executables.
    That unifies the syntax of the commands within a initramfs file; and also reduces its size.
  * Includes real versions of the libraries, does not look for alternatives in reduced versions,
    since that really saves only a bit of space.
  * Includes executable only by name, does not need the directory where they are or the destination directory.
  * Create links within the initramfs file between each of the executables or libraries,
    avoiding making multiple copies of the same.
  * don't create links to internal busybox commands
    until ending the mkinitramfs process.


Type: a mod of the libcgroup package.
Description: focus the libcgroup management in task name.

original package:


Type: a mod of the dpkg package.
Description: start-stop-daemon changes the control group of newly started jobs.

original package:


Type: a new transport method for apt.
Origin: Developed by myself,
Description: add a transport method to apt for more reliable downloading.
Downloads simultaneously from multiple servers and always recovers the latest version of the files.
Each download is done from a set of mirrors, the job will be completed
even if one of them is not responding or unavailable.
In standard conditions, this method is not faster than normal http;
but is more reliable when connecting to servers that are busy or not answering.
- The speed indicator gets confused due to the Aria2 special manner of creating
files. The valid speed indicator is the final one.
- Downloading little files is even slower, because this method will connect
to every mirror looking for the latest modification date of the files.

[07-Nov-2009] - 0.3